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South Africa

Address: 147 Murdoch Road, New Era, Springs, 1559

Tel: +27 (0) 861 522 4747

Web: http://www.jachris.co.za/index.asp

Company description

Since its establishment in 1976, Jachris has evolved into the largest supplier of specialised hose and couplings in Africa. The achievement of unparalleled design and quality of production and service is at the forefront of Jachris's continued growth and success. Intense quality assurance at every stage of production by means of visual inspection and a complete range of in-house testing facilities ensures that critical standards in safety and quality are met. Jachris, together with its local and international partners, provides the highest level of technical advice and expertise to supply the best mining or industrial hose and coupling solution for difficult and demanding applications.

Products and services

Stainless Steel Flexible Hose, Industrial Rubber Hose, Custom Built Rubber Hose, Hydraulic Hose and Fittings, Thermoplastic Hose, PTFE Hose, Composite Hose, PVC Hose, Industrial Hose Fittings, Couplings and Clamps, Metallic Exhaust and Ducting, Victaulic Piping Products, Expansion Joints, Valves, Autoclave Engineers (AE) High Pressure, Fittings and Valves

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