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Tel: (52)993 3-39-15-33,34

Web: http://www.itf.com.mx/

Company description

ITF is a 100% Mexican company dedicated to supply and install ,Flexstell s, flexible pipelines , for hydrocarbon transportation. FlexSteel is the pipeline solution that couples the durability of steel with the installation, performance and cost benefits of spoolable pipe products. Highly corrosion resistant and more durable than other flexible pipe, FlexSteel combines the best features of all currently available pipe options to deliver superior life-cycle performance and value.FlexSteel is ideal for both on-shore and shallow water applications. The polyethylene liner allows for a low internal flow friction factor, which is superior to traditional steel pipe. FlexSteel pipe maintains electrical continuity throughout the pipe, eliminating the need for costly tracer wires or x-rays.

Products and services

Supply and install ,Flexstell s, flexible pipelines

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