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Address: Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway,Norway

Tel: +47 51 87 50 00

Web: http://www.iris.no/home

Company description

IRIS is an independent research organisation founded in 2006. IRIS is engaged in basic and applied research, nationally and internationally, and combines research results with commercialisation of new technology.

Products and services

Unique test and laboratory facilities support our research activities. Focus areas are energy, marine environment and social science and business development. Energy research covers petroleum, automated drilling and multiphase reservoir flow, increased oil recovery, risk asssessment in planning of drilling operations, new drillings concepts, carbon capture and storage (CCS), energy efficiency, gas, new energy forms, offshore wind monitoring systems, deep geothermal energy and biogas, natural gas, hydrogen. Environmental activities are concentrated around “Integrated marine environmental research” focusing on acquiring new expertise and the development of tools for reliable and cost effective marine monitoring in connection with ecosystem based management. A large part of the research relates to the environmental impact from industry, mainly the petroleum industry, and agriculture. Social science is related to policy making, development of work life and its adjacent institutions and readjustment and development of organisations and companies. Research topics include health in the work place, organisational security, technology’s impact on decision making and interaction in organisations, innovation, technology transfer, road safety and regions/regionalization.

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