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IQS International

South Africa

Address: 26 Sir Lowery Street, Ravenswood, Boksburg, Gauteng

Tel: +264 62 2000 20

Web: www.quality.co.za

Company description

In 1989 Inspection and Quality Services CC was formed to offer services in the field of Quality Management and Engineerring Inspection. Traditionally our clients have been in the mining, petrochemical, and engineering sectors, however we have expanded our client base to cover all industrial, mining and service sectors. This has come about as a result of of progressive expansion within the organisation both in presonnel and resource capabilities, and the amalgamation and representation of both local and international organisations. 1995 saw the acquisition of Welding & Associated Consulting Services and the registration of Inspection and Quality Services (Pty) Ltd, and in 1997 IQS was appointed the Southern African distributors of the Q-Pulse Record Management System, Developed in the United Kingdom by Gael Quality. Building onto the foundation laid by Q-Pulse Software, the addtion of Safety, Health and Environmental Software and Process Management to start answering the need for a Business Improvement suite of management tools. In 1998 the acquisition of JP Burdes & Associates Quality Management Services took place, and in 1999 IQS International (United Kingdom) Limited was established to provide services on a worldwide basis and is currently active on numerous projects for South African based clients. In 2005 IQS acquired Mining & Industrial Quality Services, a specialist QA company dealing primarily with Amplats Mining Group.

Products and services

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Structural Fabrications Marine Oil & Gas Petrochemical Plants Power Stations Mining Equipment Process Plants Pressurised Vessels Electrical & Intrumentation Hydraulic Equipment & Systems Commisioning IQS discipline specific, qualified and exerperienced personnel add value by providing the necessary input during product manufacturing and process plant assembly. Resources are selected on the bsis of knowledge, experience and qualifications in order to ensure client QA/QC requirements are strictly adhered to. Welding Services Welding Procedure Qualifications Welder Qualifications Welding Inpection & Quality Control Specialised Welding Services Welder Trainging to international standards A professional understanding of weld processes and technology is paramount to the sucessful development and qualification of weld procedures and welder qualifications. IQS strictly montior weld procedure qualifications to ensure adherence to standards and specifications. Monitoring of weld processes and the provision of specialist welding services for the welding of complex or dissimilar materials can be outsourced from IQS. NDT - Non-destructive testing Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Hull Thickness Gauging - ABS Class Approved Magnectic Particle Inspection (MPI) Radiograpy (RT) Dye Penetrant TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction) Phased Array Eddy Current Paint Inspection Specialised and orthodox NDT services can be provided IQS. Personell are suitably qualified in the various fields of NDT and equipment is available to provide services to clients on a world wide basis. Wire Rope Inspection & Condition Monitoring IQS is pleased to announce the availability of wire rope inspection and condition monitoring equipment for use in residential, commercial and industrial environments. This state of the art technology is new to the oil and gas industry and has numerous significant value adding benefits i.e. Continuous real time condition monitoring of wire ropes from 6mm up to 210mm diameter. Eliminate hidden dangers and risk to Health, Safety and production activities and equipment as a result of wire rope breakages. Scientifically reduce wire rope costs by up to 1/3 by eliminating unnecessary replacement. Reduce resource time and effort typically used in conventional wire rope inspections. Improve productivity and provide early warning for planned maintenance. Reduce energy cost usually incurred during routine inspection. Provide increased availability of equipment and increased production to the stakeholders. Reduce cost of insurance and risk to profit. Project Management & Consulting ISO 9001 & ISO 14001; OSHAS 18001AS 18001 Welding Metallurgical Process Failure Analysis Problem Solving Pressure Vessel Design Verification The ability to understand the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 into an integrated management system, ensures that project management systems are developed to address the project needs of the client in a meaningful and concise controlling document. IQS personnel have the capability to develop and implement project management systems in line with contractractual requirements and objectives. Rope Access Welding Inspection Non-desctructive testing (MPI, UT) Thickness Gauging Cleaning & Painting Structural Repairs Access limitations often results in the use of personnel to inspect, test and maintain euipment via rope access techniques. Presonnel are trained not only to access difficult areas but to also carry out the required inspection, test or maintenance task required by the client. All rope access presonnel are trained in accordance with international standards.

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