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Address: Tower II, 20th Floor (Suite 2001) Jln. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Jakarta 12190 ,Indonesia

Tel: +62 (021) 515-5959

Web: http://www.ipa.or.id/

Company description

Following the introduction of the production-sharing concept in 1966, Indonesia experienced a period of accelerated growth in petroleum activities, especially in offshore exploration. As the number of individuals and organizations participating in these activities increased it became clear that the establishment of an industry association would be beneficial to further development to the Nations resources as well as the petroleum community. Rather than forming separate associations or branches of other petroleum orientated international associations and societies, it was felt that the industry could be better served by one organization through which direct and free communication of all professional industry skills and disciplines could be realised. With this objective in mind, representatives from seven organizations - Pertamina, Lemigas, BP, Caltex, Jenny Joint Venture, Shell and Union Oil, form a steering committee in 1969 for the purpose of establishing an association of individuals and companies connected with the Indonesian petroleum industry. The result was the charter of the Indonesian Petroleum Association, formally announced on March 24, 1971. During the last 30 years the IPA has already achieved much in terms of bringing people with common interests together and contributing to Indonesia's national development. In the process it has assisted in the realisation of company member goals, the advancement of individual members professional interest and has acted as successful bridge between industry and the Government of Indonesia. The IPA is the chosen vehicle to promote partnership in the Indonesian petroleum industry.


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