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Address: Street of Bitterness Outside No. 60, No. Interior: Floor 3 Huixquilucan, Edo. De Mexico CP 52786 - Mexico

Tel: +52 55 5263-0100

Web: http://www.invensys.com/

Company description

Invensys develops and applies advanced technologies that enable the world’s manufacturing and energy-generating facilities, mainline and mass transit rail networks, and appliances to operate safely and in an energy-efficient manner.In all their three divisions ( Operation Management, Rail and Controls), their products and systems enable their customers to make the best decisions at the right time and to optimise their operations and business value.

Products and services

Specifically for the industrial automation, Invensys Operations Management provides solutions that gather vital information from disparate sources within a plant or across a network of plants and relay it swiftly to control centres, where thier software-based systems help managers at many levels to make the best decisions to maximise safety, efficiency and profitability.In rail signalling and train control, Invensys Rail provides software-based solutions that monitor the activity, speed and location of trains moving across mainline, high-speed and mass transit rail networks, and keep those networks running safely at maximum speed and capacity.In appliance and climate controls, Invensys Controls’ products monitor factors such as humidity and temperature and make changes to ensure that consumers get what they want from their appliances – whether that means clean clothes or perfectly cooked food – using the least amount of energy and water

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