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Address: Kvernevik Ring 177 4048 Hafrsfjord

Tel: +47 40 00 43 99

Web: http://www.interwell.com/

Company description

We take on any well challenge to ensure enhanced oil and gas recovery for global upstream energy companies. We will ensure increased hydrocarbon recovery and barrier security for global upstream energy companies by focusing on research, development, operation and testing of new/existing tools and technologies. Our company is a coalition of oil field experienced personnel from diverse backgrounds, whose wide range of skills are utilised fully in order to get the best results and the most effective service for our valuable clients. By combining our knowledge about well characteristics and our client's needs with our unique technological edge, we provide both custom-made and off the shelf well solutions. Our main competence revolves around plug and straddle solutions with related setting, pulling and measurement tools.

Products and services

Our product portfolio is comprised of: bridges plugs, wirelines products, coiled tubing products, completion products, packer solutions, and straddle solutions.

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