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Address: Av. João Gualberto, 1259 16º andar - Alto da Glória CEP 80030-001 - Curitiba, PR - BR

Tel: +55(41)3219-7200

Web: http://www.intertechne.com.br

Company description

Organized in 1987, the INTERTECHNE is operated today by a group of Brazilian engineers, working together since the mid-sixties activities in design and construction of hydraulic works, dams and transmission systems. The INTERTECHNE started its activities with an experienced group of professionals, has expanded its activities by incorporating new talent, adding and training young engineers and technicians and acquiring and developing new technologies for analysis and preparation of engineering projects. Currently consolidated in their field as one of the leading engineering and design consultancy, acting selectively on a large sphere of hydraulic projects, and hydroelectric generation and transmission of electric energy in Brazil and abroad, as well as other segments of infrastructure such as transport - metro, yard, etc.. The performance INTERTECHNE EPC contracts in recent hydroelectric projects is a testament of his eloquent skills. In 2004, the INTERTECHNE achieved recognition of its Quality Management System. The certification came from an initial audit, where the entire structure of the company, involved in the scope, was evaluated in order to ensure that internal processes were established to meet the requirements of the reference standard - ISO 9001:2000. .

Products and services

Consultancy from engineering to environmental impact assessment, to project development

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