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Industrias Energeticas


Address: Av. Eugenio Echeverría Castellot # 81 Col. Playa Norte Cd. del Carmen Campeche

Tel: +52(938) 112 -1169

Web: http://www.industriasenergeticas.com

Company description

At Industrias Energeticas, we provide service solutions in the application of cutting edge technology integrated power generation and electricity based brand Microturbines from Capstone Turbine Corporation (NASDAQ) in different capacities in a unified or connected in parallel to provide the required capacity the end user or for multiple offshore installations and complex land. These new systems are certified by United Laboratories (UL) and have been subject to scrutiny and approval by federal agencies such as the International Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National as the National Commission for the Efficient Use of Energy (CONUEE) the Ministry of Energy (SENER), Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) and Trust for saving electricity (FIDE), this has created a burgeoning demand globally described as a technological phenomenon in harmony with the environment.

Products and services

of the integrated packages power generation through microturbines. Retrofit Selection and strategic supply electrical components, electronic and mechanical microturbines. Training course in basic and advanced levels for operation and maintenance of these systems. Predictive and corrective maintenance of peripheral systems and microturbines. Development of basic and detailed engineering for these systems complement (Annexes equipment specifications, blueprints, specifications, operating philosophy). Analysis and optimization of electrical energy according to National Standards in Industrial Installations Offshore or onshore, Energy Studies for implementation of Integrated Packages Power Generation and Cogeneration Microturbines through. Basic engineering and detailed engineering for the selection, installation and interconnection of systems operation, monitoring and control for comprehensive packages of power generation based on microturbines and peripheral equipment special as controllers, UPR's battery banks, RTU's SCADA, etc ...`

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