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Industrial Drilling Rigs

Address: Russian Federation, 119607, Moscow, Udaltsova street 44

Tel: +7 (495)223-34-58

Web: http://idrigs.com

Company description

“Industrial Drilling Rigs” LLC (IDR) develops projects for modern drilling rigs; makes design and applies innovative parts, devices and mechanisms for onshore drilling rigs and offshore platforms; manufactures and supplies drilling rigs of different models, spare parts, providing maintenance, services and training for personnel involved.

Products and services

Onshore drilling rigs with different load capacity: mobile, stationary and cluster with electric and hydraulic drive. • Innovative complete high-mobility drilling rigs, manufactured under own patented technology. • Innovative semi-submersible rigs for drilling with supply vessels. • Pontoon-mounted rigs for shallow water drilling (rivers, lakes and shallow seas). • Mud-circulating systems. • Drilling rigs upgrade, both own made and other companies made.

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