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Indonesian Geothermal Association – API


Web: http://inaga.org/

Company description

The vision of the Geothermal Association is to make geothermal resources become energy of choice in the expanding Indonesia energy market by virtue of its natural environmental benefits and its potential opportunities to add value in support of Indonesia’s sustainable national development. API is a group of geothermal experts and individuals interested in the development and utilization of Indonesian geothermal energy.

Products and services

Its objectives are: • to support the policy of the Government to expand the development of geothermal energy in the framework of increasing the state’s revenues; • to assist the Government in the expansion of geothermal industry in general and geothermal technology in its broadest sense; • to promote activities of geothermal industry in Indonesia; • to unite entrepreneurs in the geothermal sector with experts who have the potentials related to geothermal industry to improve the views, capabilities, and proficiency of its members, and to foster tighter relations among its members; and • to establish and develop cooperation that is mutually beneficial in attempting the expansion of the geothermal industry by means of taking collective advantage of information, infrastructure, and means, or other methods that support the achievement of the objectives within the country and abroad.

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