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Icon Energy


Address: 4 Miami Key Broadbeach Waters Gold Coast Queensland 4218 Australia

Tel: +61 (07) 5554 7111

Web: http://www.iconenergy.com

Company description

Icon Energy is proud to be at the forefront of the efforts to meet the energy needs of Australia and globally. The company aims to be a safe, world class gas and oil producer. It is committed to using techniques and processes that minimize green house gas emissions, with a minimum of long-term environmental damage. We believe the shareholder wealth is inextricably linked with a concern for the society at large, for the environment in which we operate, and through the application of ethical business practices.

Products and services

capitalization of $100,000,000 increasing to $300,000,000 over the next ten years. The chairman at the 2008 AGM advised the meeting that the board has revised the timing of those objectives believing that the company target market capitalisation is $100,000,000 within the next three months and $300,000,000 within the next eighteen months. The basis of the Company's long range plan is to increase shareholder value through systematic, scaled production increases in coal bed methane and selective oil exploration activities. In achieving its strategic objectives the company will seek to meet the following goals: * Having successful exploration and appraisal activities to provide a solid foundation for future growth through achieving substantial coal seam gas reserves to meet the Australian and global demand for clean, efficient energy. * Undertake pilot studies to move gas reserves from “Prospective” to the “3P” and “2 P” categories as a priority. * To obtain farm-in partners with the capital and capabilities to bring the company’s reserves through to full-scale gas and oil production * Develop the business case for each tenement to bring proven reserves into commercial production. * To undertake exploration and development activities that have the highest probability of success in both gas and oil plays. * To provide employees with a working environment that incentivises employees and encourages innovation and initiative so that employees become self motivated in achieving the company’s objectives * Achieve responsible development where the environment is returned to its original/natural setting post exploration and development.

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