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IBP – Instituto Brasileiro de Petroleo, Gas e Biocombustiveis


Address: Av. Almirante Barroso, 52 - 26o Andar - Centro, Rio de Janeiro, CEP 20031-000

Tel: +55 (21) 2112-9000

Web: http://www.ibp.org.br/main.asp

Company description

The Brazilian Institute of Oil, Gas and Biofuels - IBP is a private nonprofit, founded on November 21, 1957, which today has 194 member companies, and focuses on promoting the development of the national oil industry, gas and biofuels, aimed at an industry competitive, sustainable, ethical and socially responsible. MISSION Promoting the development of national sector of oil, gas and biofuels, aimed at an industry competitive, sustainable, ethical and socially responsible. OBJECTIVES - Improving the regulatory environment - Representation of the industry - Dissemination of information industry - Promotion of technical development - Protection of the environment, safety and social responsibility PRINCIPLES AND VALUES - Exempt and nonpartisan - consistency and technical basis - guidance to developing self-sustaining - Respect the opinions Throughout this time, IBP has built recognized credibility with the society and the government not only for its unique expertise, but also by fostering discussions of major themes for the structure constant profile of the industry alike. Since 2003, the IBP has undergone profound organizational restructuring to ensure the adequacy of its services, products and activities related to the sector, which are the result of work of 42 committees, subcommittees and ad hoc committees, in which participate voluntarily over 950 professionals, including executives and industry experts, scientific and academic institutions, government agencies and similar associations.

Products and services

Today the Institute has 15 technical committees that discuss issues related to the whole production chain, from exploration and production of oil up to the quality of oil, gas passing through natural, refining, transportation, logistics, environment and social responsibility, among other topics of equal importance.

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