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Hitachi Ltd. Moscow Office.

Address: улица Трубная, 12, БЦ Милленниум Хаус, Moscow, Russian Federation 107045

Tel: +7 495 787-40-20

Web: http://www.hitachi.ru/

Company description

Hitachi Ltd. Moscow Office was established in May 12, 1982. Its original function was to pioneer the market and create new business. Since that time, a number of Hitachi Group Companies have established their own offices in Russian Federation and CIS countries. Others are doing business through their distributors, which they manage from Japanese or European headquarters. Now we have four legal entities, five representative offices, one branch office & one joint-venture.

Products and services

The overall objective of Hitachi Ltd., Moscow Office is to develop business opportunities for Hitachi group companies using three methods: 1) To communicate with Hitachi's group companies which are already established in Russian Federation. We periodically have a "Hitachi group strategy meeting in Russian Federation" in order to exchange information with each other. 2) To expand/develop Hitachi's product line. Hitachi group consists of 950 companies in the world, but at present time only 2% of companies are doing business in Russian Federation. It means that we have very good potential to expand Hitachi's products line in Russian Federation. 3) To make territorial expansion in seeking to expand the geographical scope of the business activities, Hitachi's initial focus is on the Kazakhstan market. In 2011 Hitachi therefore appointed a representative person in Kazakhstan to support an ongoing H25 gas turbine project and to create the basis for new Hitachi's businesses there. This year we will also start studying the Azerbaijan market.

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