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Address: Prol. M. Matamoros 1110 Zip Code 78020 San Luis Potosi, S.L.P., Mexico

Tel: +52 444 101 52 00

Web: http://www.heliservicios.com.mx/

Company description

Heliservicios is a leading Mexican air transportation company that serves the oil & gas industry in Mexico. The company has a fleet that comprised 35 different types of aircrafts: 28 Bells 4 12s medium helicopters, a mix of light helicopters from the Bell 4 o 7s to o 6s and 2 12s and a S 76.

Products and services

With over two decades of existence Heliservicios is a pioneering company in helicopter services in the South East part of Mexico. Within its 20 plus years of existent the company have provide Pemex with its trustful, on time and safe helicopter flights. Heliservicios is ISO 9000-2001 certified.

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