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Hejian Xinlong Drilling Accessories


Address: JingKai Bei Road - NO.01, Junziguan industrial-park, Hejian, China

Tel: +86-10-63405086

Web: http://www.xldrilling.com

Company description

Established in 1983, Hejian Xinlong Drilling Accessories is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of drilling bits, mainly specializing in tricone bit, PDC bit, hole opener, drag bit, drill rods, drill collars, etc. Hejian Xinlong Drilling Accessories' products meet strict API standards. Whatever your drilling application is, Hejian Xinlong Drilling Accessories have the products for you. In addition, Hejian Xinlong Drilling Accessories also customizes tools to meet your needs and requests. Customers from China and around the world rely on Hejian Xinlong Drilling Accessories to provide application-specific products that are well priced and of good quality. Hejian Xinlong Drilling Accessories' products are promptly shipped and supported by dependable and friendly people.

Products and services

Tricone bit, PDC bit, Hole opener, Drag bit, Drill rods, Drill collars

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