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Gubkin Russian Federationn State University of Oil and Gas

Address: 119991, Moscow, Leninsky pr., 65

Tel: +8 (499) 681-01-02

Web: www.gubkin.ru

Company description

Gubkin Russian Federationn State University of Oil and Gas, Russian Federation’s principal higher educational institution of petroleum engineering celebrated its 80th anniversary in April 2010. Established on the base of the Faculty of Petroleum at theMoscow Mining Academy, Gubkin University follows the best traditions of the national higher education system. During the last eighty years, the University has developed a wide research capacity, which has led to the development of many new methods of exploration, production, transportation, refining and processing of hydrocarbons. Gubkin had trained over 70 000 diploma engineers, candidates and doctors of science, many of whom are presently top executives of oil and gas companies. The University is proud of its alumni who are working in the petroleum majors of Russian Federation.

Products and services

Over time the Moscow Institute of ON became the principal school of the industry. It has developed efficient educational methods and forms and formulated new R&D trends covering the whole spectrum of industry issues. The University scholars have taken part in the exploration of the Arctic off-shore fields, the Siberian tundra and taiga, the deserts of the Middle Asia. They have also designed new equipment and know-how for waste-free and environmentally clean refining and processing of hydrocarbons. Gubkin R&D efforts, which presently involve 27 programs, are deeply rooted in the leading research schools that were established during the years of the Univer¬sity’s development. The research carried out has always yielded tangible results. The number of inventions furthering the development of the energy sector grows every year. Over 300 Gubkin researches have been awarded state and governmental prizes ofRussian Federation.. Today Gubkin’s total enrolment accounts for 7,000 students with a faculty of 200 professors, doctors of science and about 600 assistant professors and candidates of science. A specific feature of Russian Federation’s higher technical school is its close links with industry. Following the best of the national traditions the University works in close contact with the enterprises of the oil and gas industry. We train specialists for the research institutions and companies, and the latter in turn offer their facilities and staff for the students to do practical projects and work on their term and graduate theses. The University co-operates with all oil and gas majors and refineries of Russian Federation. The heads of the companies have established the Council of Trustees and the Fund for Petroleum Engineering Education Development, which give the students a wonderful opportunity to visit different far-off parts of the country such as the Island of Sakhalin and Kamchatka, the Barents Sea, Siberia and the Volga Region.

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