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Grupo Comunicador Alba


Address: Tlacoquemécatl 21-101 Col. Del Valle Delegación Benito Juárez C.P. 03200 México, D.F.

Tel: +52 1 55 59 0866, 5559 2207

Web: http://www.grupoalba.com.mx

Company description

Grupo Comunicador Alba consists of: 1) Eventos y Convenciones Alba Is involved in the collaboration with different departments of PEMEX in the organization and implementation of various projects in Mexico and abroad. Among the main works of Eventos y Convenciones Alba included organizing major international conventions and exhibitions such as: - Mexican Congress of Petroleum - Congress and Exhibition of the Mexican Institute of Chemical Engineers, - The Congress of Logistics, Transport and Distribution of Hydrocarbons - The International Petroleum Technology Exhibition amongst others. 2) Industrial Communication Solutions (SCI) Offers services for planning, design, construction and installation of exhibition stands in Mexico or abroad. SCI has the human and technical capacity to provide a comprehensive service in any exhibition, from the purchase or sale of a space, until the development of the design, construction and installation of stands, also offers the video production area programs as well as for the realization of magazines and brochures, also has two ideal promotional tool for the oil industry such as the oil Directory and News to Alba. 3) Alba Enterprises LLC A business unit of Communicator Alba Group, established in the United States of America as a national oil market link North American and Canadian Mexican Petroleum Industry. Its main objective is to: "Establish contacts with oil and service companies interested in making an investment in Mexico."

Products and services

Events, Conventions and Exhibitions Industry. Conferences and Symposiums. Production of corporate videos and jingles. Professional Audio and lighting for large events and simultaneous translation. Registration for virtual systems and access control events. Newscasts. Manufacture, Build and Displays for exhibitions. Advertising campaigns and positioning.

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