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South Africa

Address: Highgrove Office Park No 2, 50 Tegel Avenue, (C/o Tegel & Oak Avenues), Highveld Techno Park, Centurion 0157

Tel: +27 (0) 12 682 9120

Web: www.gigajoule.co.za

Company description

Gigajoule is an integrated energy company who invests in, builds and operates energy infrastructure. Our foundation is our extensive business and engineering know-how and our strong belief in regional partnerships.

Products and services

Gigajoule was established after the completion of the feasibilty studies for gas supply to Matola and Maputo in Mozambique. Thereafter the Matola Gas Company (MGC) was formed in partnership with ENH (Empresa Nacional de Hydrocarbonetos de Mozambique) and CDGM (Companhia de Desenvolvimento de Gas de Mozambique Limitada), as shareholders. Motola Gas Company consequently constructed the gas transmission and distribution pipelines which have been in commission since March 2005 supplying gas to industrialists in the region. Gigajoule completed a feasibility study with Petromoc SARL to build a petroleum product pipeline from Mozambique to South Africa. A consortium of Mozambican as well as South African shareholders, including Gigajoule, was consequently structured and Petroline Holdings was established. A concession for this project was approved by the Mozambican government in December 2004 and a construction license was granted by the South African government in March 2007. Based on the success of the initial Natural Gas venture, Gigajoule together with Mozambican partners completed a study on the viability of a gas fueled power station at Ressano Garcia

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