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Address: Voldgade 10, Cph.

Tel: +45 38142000

Web: http://www.geus.dk/

Company description

GEUS' overall mission is to provide, to use, and to disseminate knowledge of geological materials, processes and relations that is important for the use and protection of geological resources in Denmark and Greenland . Part of this mission is to support administrative and legislative work in Danish Ministries and the Government of Greenland Authority, by providing state-of-the-art geoscientific knowledge of international standard.

Products and services

GEUS' main tasks are geological mapping, data collection and storage, to carry out research projects, to give advice, and to disseminate geoscientific knowledge. The activities are organised within five programme areas: 1. Data banks, information technology, and information to the general public 2. Water resources 3. Energy resources 4. Mineral resources and Greenland mapping 5. Nature and climate

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