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Address: Av. Jose Silva de Azevedo Neto, 200 - BQ 4 - Sl. 301 Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, RJ Cep: 22775-056 Brazil

Tel: +55-21-3550-3430

Web: http://www.geoquasar.com.br/eng

Company description

Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil GEOQUASAR is a company specialized in providing technical solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry, covering all of the E&P chain throughout Latin America. GeoQuasar provides high-level vision and guidance for E&P upstream decision- markers to locate, characterize and capitalize on subsurface hydrocarbon assets. Through strategic business alliances the company operates in Argentina, Brazil Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and Venezuela.

Products and services

- Geological, geophysical, petrophysical and engineering challenges for project-specific Integrated Field Studies - Reservoir Geophysics & Geologic Interpretation and Modelling Representation for Technology Geosciences Solution Seismic Imaging & Data Processing - Geophysical Technology & Services & Reservoir Technology - Geophysical Marine Processing - Airborn Gravity Gradiometry Processing - Land Seismic Data Acquisition & Processing

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