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Address: Calle 7 No. 205-1 Col. Jardín 20 de Noviembre Cd. Madero Tamaulipas 89440 México

Tel: +01 833 210-5147 / 210-5591

Web: www.geoestratos.com.mx

Company description

Geo Estratos, S.A. de C.V. provides advisory services and execution of work, to carry out studies and research projects related to oil and petrochemical industry specifically with the diagnosis, control and elimination of generating sources of oil spills, natural emissions from leakage pipelines or casing of oil wells closed, plugged or running. Perform the restoration of soil, surface water and groundwater contaminated with hydrocarbons and caustic soda.

Products and services

Geo Estratos develop studies and modelling three-dimensional delineation of flow and transport of pollutants in surface and subsurface using geophysical and geological techniques, which result in the design of corrective actions based on risk.Develops and providies technological innovations to solve environmental problems of the oil industry petrochemical and construction.

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