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Gemini Wind Park

The Netherlands

Gemini Logo

The Gemini offshore wind park in the Dutch North Sea is to be one of the world’s largest wind farms, both in terms of size as well as production. With a total 600 megawatt capacity, Gemini will also be one of the most productive wind farms in the world.

Once Gemini is operational in 2017, the wind farm will generate clean, endless renewable wind energy for 1.5 million people in the Netherlands. This corresponds to the total population of the country’s three northernmost provinces.

Moreover, Gemini will make a significant contribution towards achieving the Netherlands and European Union’s renewable energy targets. It is anticipated that the wind farm will reduce the Netherlands’ CO₂ footprint by 1.25 million tons per year.

The Gemini Wind Park is the biggest renewable energy project in the world that is funded on a project basis. This form of funding (non-recourse finance) means that the parties providing loans only have the project and project revenues as security. They have thus no recourse to the owners of the wind farm. This means that the banks set high demands on the quality of the project. Gemini passed the strictest tests with flying colours. Banks from three continents have placed their trust in Gemini.


Amstelveenseweg 760

1081 JK Amsterdam

Tel: 020 723 00 00

email: info@geminiwindpark.nl

Web: geminiwindpark.nl


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