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Gauteng Economic Development Agency (GEDA)

South Africa

Address: 56 Main Street Marshlltown, Johannesburg, P.O. Box 61840, Marshalltown, Gauteng 2107

Tel: +27 (0) 11 833 8750

Company description

The Gauteng Economic Development Agency (Geda) is Gauteng's official economic, investment and trade promotion agency. It identifies and markets investment opportunities in the province and responds to requests for assistance from potential local and foreign investors. The organisation also hosts regular outward missions, and provides local industry with opportunities to bid for local and international tenders, with specific emphasis on the European market in the engineering parts industry

Products and services

Services: Project facilitation It can assist in setting up a first contact, chairing initial meetings, arranging subsequent meetings, organizing initial secretarial services, networking and creating an environment in which potential partners can reach a common understanding. Project implementation and operation The team can assist in the identification of local or international consultants or institutions that provide support in the fields such as business development and land acquisitions. Finding investment and trade partners The agency can assist in identifying local or international business partners that meet the necessary business requirements of the project. Assist in raising funds While Geda is not primarily a venture capitalist, the Agency can assist investors in raising the necessary finance for investment projects that fall within its area of focus. Such assistance is conditional on the project being approved by the agency, and on the necessary feasibility/market research having been completed. Sourcing information The GEDA team can assist in sourcing information crucial to a project's success. This may take the form of technical theses, information brochures, contracted in-depth studies, or contact with relevant authorities in specific fields. Work permit applications Once a project has been approved and it is established that local personnel cannot be used in key positions and that international personnel are therefore required, Geda can assist in applying for the necessary work permits. Finding appropriate sites/properties It has a good knowledge of the property market in Gauteng, and can assist in finding the most appropriate and suitable locations for investors. Incentive applications There is a wide array of incentives available to investors from the Department of Trade and Industry, municipalities and institutions. Geda can assist in identifying the most appropriate incentives and in completing in the necessary applications for projects that qualify. Temporary offices Geda offers the investor the opportunity to set up a pilot operation with in-house facilities such as telephones, faxes etc until such time as the company is ready to move out into the industry in which they operate.

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