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Address: Dokkvegen 10, N-3920 Porsgrunn,Norway

Tel: +47 40 00 59 08

Web: http://www.gassnova.no/

Company description

Gassnova SF was established on July 2007. The company’s main task is to manage governmental interest and support technology development within the area of CO2-management (capture, transport, injection and storage of CO2). As of 1 October 2007, Gassnova was assigned the task of managing the State’s interests in connection with the test centre for CO2 processing at Mongstad. As of 1 November, Gassnova will also be responsible for managing the State’s interests linked to the establishment of full-scale carbon capture facilities at Kårstø; and as of 1 December, for the work on CO2 transport and storage. Therefore, Gassnova SF is based on a vision of promoting environmentally friendly gas power technology with CCS in Norway through innovation, technology development and demonstration in demo and full scale.


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