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Gassnova SF


Address: Dokkvegen 10, N-3920 Porsgrunn

Tel: +47 40 00 59 08

Web: www.gassnova.no

Company description

Gassnova SF, a Norwegian public enterprise, manages governmental interest and supports technology development in the area of CO2-management. It captures, transports, injects, and stores CO2. The company manages governmental interests related to carbon capture and storage (CCS), and acts as an in charge of the construction and operation of the facilities and infrastructure for the planned CCS solutions at Kårstø and Mongstad. It also provides advice to the Norwegian ministry of petroleum and energy in matters relating to carbon capture and storage. In addition, the company contributes to the implementation of the technology development programme CLIMIT in cooperation with the research council of Norway. Gassnova SF was founded in 2007 and is based in Porsgrunn, Norway.

Products and services

Projects where Gassnova is attending the State’s interests: Programme on Power Generations with Carbon Capture and Storage (CLIMIT) CO2 Capture at Mongstad CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM DA) Full-scale CO2-capture at Mongstad combined heat and power plant (CCM) Large-scale transport and storage of CO2 from Mongstad Full-scale CO2-capture at Kårstø gas fired power plant

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