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Company description

Gassco is the operator for the integrated system for transporting gas from the Norwegian continental shelf to other European countries. This role confers overall responsibility for running the infrastructure on behalf of the owners, who consist of the joint venture Gassled, a partnership between oil and gas companies established in 2003. Frame conditions for the company are determined by the Norwegian government, as is the relationship between Gassco and the owners of the gas transport system. The company exercises its operator responsibility pursuant to the Norwegian Petroleum Activities Act and to agreements with the transport system owners. As operator, Gassco plays several roles. The work it carries out on behalf of the transport system owners is usually designated the normal operatorship. The owners finance most of the major investments in the transport system and recognise this spending in their own accounts. Gassco’s responsibility for system operation and capacity administration is usually referred to as the special operatorship. Directly authorised by the Petroleum Activities Act, this work is conducted for all users of the Norwegian gas transport system. Gassco accepts responsibility for safe and efficient transport of gas from the Norwegian continental shelf, and aims to be a leading European gas transporter.


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