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Gas Systems

Address: 26/27 Srednyaya Kalitnikovskaya Street, 109029, Moscow

Tel: +7 (495) 787 99 77

Web: gassystems.ru/

Company description

The main activities of the company: design and supply of equipment for gas preparation, technical water-supply, water preparation and gas separation; casing-head gas (CHG) utilization; production and allocation of electric power.

Products and services

“Gas systems” JSC specializes in the integrated management of the projects in the sphere of oil and gas and electric services. The company offers different kinds of work to its partners, both on “key-ready” terms and individual works including audit, projection, technical and economic assessment, production and assembling, balancing and commissioning and the service in the sphere of power industry, the construction of oil-gas condensate fields and the units of the utilization of casing-head gas.

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