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Fugro Brazil


Address: Rua do Geologo, 76 - Zona Especial de Negocios CEP: 28890-000 - Rio das Ostras - RJ

Tel: +55 22 3321-7700

Web: http://www.fugro.com

Company description

Fugro's mission is to be the world's leading service provider for the collection and interpretation of data relating to the earth's surface and sub-surface and for associated services and advice in support of infrastructure development on land, along the coast and on the seabed. Founded in the Netherlands in 1962, the company has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1992 and was included in the main Amsterdam AEX-index as of September 2008. Fugro grows organically and through acquisitions, and by the end of 2009 employed some 13,500 staff in more than 50 countries. In Brazil, Fugro has rapidly grown it's presence since 2003 and today has established a new facility while employing over 800 professionals locally.

Products and services

Geotechnical Survey Geoscience Brazil is also the only market in which Fugro also offers sevices in both air and saturation diving.

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