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Address: Koppholen 9, 4313 Sandnes, Norway

Tel: +47 407 22 737

Web: www.fishbones.as

Company description

Fishbones' vision is to become a global provider of unique technology enabling our clients to increase productivity and recovery. We are uniquely focused on cultivating innovation and finding solutions to customer's challenges by research, development and implementation of new technology. In our drive to develop solutions, we foster external focus, imagination and courage. Fishbones products are developed in close cooperation with clients for the purpose of further increasing recovery, increasing production and reducing your cost.

Products and services

Fishbones stimulation system is an open hole liner completion that connects the well and the reservoir without the drawbacks of hydraulic fracturing. Fishbones operations are simple; run the reservoir liner string as normal and set the liner hanger slips. Circulate fluids with the rig pumps. A large number of small diameter laterals jet out from the wellbore to penetrate the reservoir. You will spend less than half a day of rigtime on an operation that does not require additional fluids or pumps. And you even get better productivity than traditional frac operations in many cases.

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