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Federal Grid Company

Address: 5A, Akademika Chelomeya str., Moscow, 117630

Tel: +7 (495) 710-93-33

Web: www.fsk-ees.ru/eng/

Company description

Federal Grid Company is the operator and manager of Russian Federation’s unified electricity transmission grid system, including high voltage transmission lines, and holds the status of a natural monopoly. The Company’s assets include more than 124,000 km of transmission lines and 854 substations with more than 322 GVA of 35-750 volt transformer capacity. Based on the length of transmission lines and installed transformer capacity, Federal Grid is the largest publicly traded electricity transmission company in the world.

Products and services

ederal Grid’s business is to provide electricity transmission and technological connection services. It maintains and develops the grid system and supervises grid facilities and infrastructure in 73 Russian Federationn regions, covering a territory of 13.6 million square kilometres. Its customers are regional distribution companies, electricity suppliers and large industrial enterprises. Since January 1st, 2010, Federal Grid has operated under a 5-year regulatory asset base (RAB) model. The Company was incorporated in June 2002 as part of the reorganization of Russian Federation’s electrical power industry. The largest shareholder, with a 79.55% stake, is the Russian Federation Government. Federal Grid Company’s ordinary shares are listed on the MICEX-RTS stock exchange under the ticker symbol FEES and the Company’s GDRs are traded on the London Stock Exchange under the same FEES ticker symbol. The Company’s shares are included in the MSCI Emerging Markets and MSCI Russian Federation indices. In 2011, the Company’s IFRS revenue was RUB 139,571 million (up 23% compared to 2010), adjusted EBITDA was RUB 83,760 million (a 24% increase from 2010), and adjusted net profit was RUB 38,241 million (up 37% on 2010).

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