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Tel: (52) (55) 52 79 48 20

Web: http://www.mobil.com.mx/Mexico-Spanish-LCW/default.aspx

Company description

ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company. They hold an industry-leading inventory of global oil and gas resources. They are the world’s largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products, and thier chemical company ranks among the world’s largest. Exxon is also a technology company, applying science and innovation to find better, safer and cleaner ways to deliver the energy the world needs.For over a century, Mobil Mexico has been an innovator in lubrication technology and has made advanced lubricants for industrial machinery. In December 1999 the merger between Exxon and Mobil was confirmed worldwide, and took place in Mexico in the year 2000, with the merging of the business of Lubes and Chemicals, who has been since, one of the most important suppliers of the petrochemical industry in Mexico, through the division of polymers, intermediates and films; and lubes, who have been suppliers of the final consumers and industry and corporations, with the recognized brands Mobil and Esso, and an important participation in the aviation and marine business sectors. In 2002 the Mexico ventures office was created in anticipation of future business in this area. Exxon Mobil Corporation continues to be one of the most important purchases of crude oil produces by Pemex. The company buys approximately one third of Pemex production of crude oil for export. It is also a principal supplier of refined products such as premium gasoline and of natural gas produced in the United States.

Products and services

ExxonMobil uses innovation and technology to deliver energy and petrochemical products to meet the world’s growing demand. Their extensive research programs support operations, enable continuous improvement in each of our business lines, and explore new and emerging energy sources and technologies. The Corporation comprises 10 separate companies, making up the Upstream, Downstream, and Chemical businesses.TelCan yo

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