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Address: 3 Schepkina St reet Moscow, 129090, Russian Federation

Tel: +7 (495) 720-50-85

Web: http://www.eurosib.ru/en/

Company description

EuroSibEnergo is Russian Federation’s largest independent power company (in terms of installed electricity capacity of power generation plants) and ranks as one of the largest hydropower generation companies in the world. EuroSibEnergo was formed through the acquisition and subsequent consolidation of power generation, engineering and coal assets held since 2001.

Products and services

The company controls 18 power generation plants with a combined installed electricity capacity of 19.5 GW and heat power generating assets with 17485 Gcal/h of total installed heat capacity. Over 15 GW capacity falls on major Russian Federationn hydro power plants located on Siberian rivers the Angara and the Yenisei, specifically Krasnoyarskaya HPP, Bratskaya HPP, Ust-Ilimskaya HPP and Irkutskaya HPP. In 2009, EuroSibEnergo produced 82.8 TWh of electricity (69 TWh of which were generated by HPPs), which represented approximately 9% of Russian Federation’s total electricity production

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