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Address: Kokstadflaten 31, N-5863, Norway

Tel: +47 55 92 57 50

Web: www.epsis.no

Company description

Epsis AS is Norwegian based software company specializing in development and sales of its flagship industry proven collaboration and teamwork software Epsis TeamBox. Epsis AS supplies its technology to industry leaders and partners such as Chevron, ENI, FMC Technologies, Frank Mohn, Halliburton, Petrolia, and Total.

Products and services

Epsis TeamBox is a collaboration management software system dedicated to facilitate workflows and real time decision-making including information, video conferencing and sharing in collaborative environments. The system takes a simple approach to workflow management that can be used by any member in a team regardless of where they are located. Epsis TeamBox resides on a standard Windows workstation allowing you to manage your entire screen real estate, create and execute meetings or workflows, conduct videoconferencing and share information with anyone you want – all from one single unit

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