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United Kingdom

Company description

EnerMech is an established international provider of mechanical services solutions to the energy services sector. We have extensive engineering offices, workshops and storage facilities in 24 locations, located in each of the key oil and gas markets. We have invested over £80m in creating our capability and we generated profitable revenue in excess of £140m in 2012. We provide our customers with innovative and cost effective solutions with an uncompromising focus on safety and service excellence. Each of our business lines is considered an expert in their field – and we have over 1500 experienced personnel deployed onshore, offshore and onsite across the world. Doug Duguid, Enermech Managing Director explains the company vision, “The strategy for EnerMech is simple - we believe that there is a place in the market for a specialist mechanical services company focused on providing excellent service quality at a reasonable cost.” "The organization’s strength involves a strong mechanical engineering design, maintenance and operational capability deployed at strategically positioned facilities across the Eastern Hemisphere.The company employs over 1500 personnel and has operating bases in UK, Norway, Middle East & Caspian, the Americas, Africa and Asia Pacific.


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