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Address: 117393, Moscow, Architect Vlasov St., 33

Tel: +7 (495) 792-50-25

Web: energostroy-mn.ru

Company description

Within the framework of the strategic objectives for the modernization of power supply network Energostroy-M.N., OJSC sees its mission in the development and application of modern technologies of design and construction of power facilities. Energostroy-M.N., OJSC was established in 2000. The principal direction of the Company’s activity is related to complex implementation of projects in the area of the electric power industry in the territory of Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Everything that the Company offers: designing and construction of electric power substations from 110kv and higher, power lines, implementation of the ‘turnkey’ solutions, services on installation, setting, control, testing, technical re-equipping of power facilities conforms to the high standards of quality. Having rich experience of implementation of scale projects Energostroy-M.N., OJSC was among the first who was engaged in development of the infrastructure facilities of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Offering a wide range of services to the customer, the Company in its activity relies on its own resources: research and design institutes, construction and erection departments, the modern park of special vehicles of production facilities and special equipment for high-voltage testing and electrotechnical metering. The team of Energostroy-M.N., OJSC consists of high-skilled professionals with 15-20-years experience in the power industry and young specialists constantly advancing their level that represents modern character and dynamism of the Company, providing technological innovations, application of modern equipment, fresh solutions in design and construction of power supply network facilities in order to satisfy the requirements of the modern age more fully.

Products and services

PRINCIPAL DIRECTIONS OF THE COMPANY’S ACTIVITY Design: • Survey works • Investments feasibility study • Development of planning documentation and detailed design documentation • Carrying out of expertise to obtain the approval documents • Firm and bidding offers release • Designer’s supervision Engineering: • Development of bidding documentation and project feasibility study • Carrying out installation and setup works on substations, T/L and cable lines up to 750kV • Engineering and technical projects support, including various types of the equipment substantiation • Russian Federationn and foreign equipment supply and its adaptation to the Russian Federationn standards • Management of design works , construction, erection, adjustment, tests Construction: • Construction “on a turn-key basis” of power supply network objects up to 750kV • Reconstruction, outdated equipment disassembling, modernization • Construction and installation works management at a site Innovations: • Innovative projects generationand new strategy formation of company development • Modern equipment application and innovative technologies implementation • Involvement in research and development •Foreign equipment adaptation to GOST and Russian Federationn customers requirements Service: •Complex survey and maintenance of electric networks •All types of repair and setup works execution •Technical and post-warranty equipment service •Development and implementation of electrical networks efficiency projects with application of APCS, Automatic system of power consumption commercial measurement,etc. During power grid construction projects, Energostroy-M.N., OJSC believes that the most important criteria is to ensure reliable and stable power supply to consumers with the greatest possible attention to the environmental actions in the places of work

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