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Address: Lautrupsgade 11, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Tel: +45 35 46 26 00

Web: http://www.ekf.dk/

Company description

EKF is Denmark’s official export credit agency. We help Danish companies to make it possible and attractive for customers abroad to buy products and services from Denmark. We do this by insuring Danish exporters against the potential financial and political risks of trading with other countries. With EKF to bear the risks, companies enjoy far better prospects for securing financing for their business transactions on competitive terms and for selling their products and services on credit, which is often a critical success factor in international trade. A guarantee from EKF may therefore be what decides whether or not a Danish company wins or retains an order abroad. We are the only organisation in the Danish market to offer insurance against the risks that are not covered by the private sector.

Products and services

Doing business with other countries is not always straightforward. Other parts of the world often operate quite differently to what we are used to in our own country, and many overseas regions and businesses are subject to political or economic instability. This means that breaking into new markets may be a risky proposition, and it may be difficult to secure the necessary financing because the banks decline to assume the risks involved. In both cases, EKF can help your company along. An overview of EKF's products Bond guarantee Export loans Investment guarantee L/C guarantee Project delivery guarantee Reinsurance Supplier credit guarantee Buyer credit guarantee Financing guarantee Capital expenditure guarantee Pre-shipment guarantee Project financing guarantee SME guarantee Working capital guarantee We assume liability for the risks and facilitate competitive financing of your international business deals so that you can start seeking out new customers and markets with the Danish state behind you

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