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Edison International Spa


Address: Hinna Park, Blokk B, 2nd floor Jåttåvågveien 7, 4020 Stavanger,Norway

Tel: + 47 529 771 00

Web: http://www.edison.it/en/index.shtml

Company description

Founded in 1884, Edison is Europe’s oldest energy company. Today, it’s the second largest energy company in Italy and a European leading operator with operations in the supply, production and sales of electric power and hydrocarbons (natural gas and crude oil). Edison operates in 10 countries in Europe, Africa, and Middle East and employs about 3,200 people.

Products and services

+7.663 Megawatt of installed capacity 47 hydroelectric facilities 22 thermoelectric power plants 32 wind farms and 9 solar plants 10,2 Terawatt hours of net electric power production. 15.2 billion cubic meters of available natural gas supply Edison accounts for 19.6% of Italy’s gas demand 96 concessions and exploration permits in Italy and abroad 3 gas storage concessions & 1 LNG terminal 49.8 billion cubic meters of hydrocarbon reserves. Renewables Edison is historically active in the field of the renewable sources, with 32 wind farms and 9 solar plants

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