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South Africa

Address: Econometrix Park, 8 West Street, Houghton, Johannesburg 2198

Tel: +27 11 483-1421

Web: www.econometrix.co.za

Company description

Recent global events have shown that change can have both short and long term implications, thus influencing day-to-day decisions and medium- to long-term plans and strategies. The complexity of the national and world economy often makes it difficult to analyse and interpret this effect. The need to measure the effects of these changes using a consistent and well-supported base is apparent. Isolated "forecasts" are clearly not the correct basis on which to take important decisions. Econometrix (Pty) Limited – which has a successful track record of close to 30 years - is committed to on-going research and analysis of economic fundamentals thereby ensuring a sound basis for future business decisions. These services are provided through a range of complimentary products and to more than 150 South African and international organisations. Econometrix consists of a top team of highly qualified economists, including Dr. Azar Jammine, Rob Jeffrey, Tony Twine and Dr. Michael Jackson. Econometrix was founded in 1982, and is South Africa’s largest independent macro-economic consultancy; it is privately owned and therefore totally independent of any official organisation or pressure groups.

Products and services

Our clients can choose from a range of products giving professional analysis of economic data and information releases. These together with the client benefits (support services) listed below give clients a unique and comprehensive bouquet of economic decision support services. The following client benefits are included in the package Quarterly Group Presentation A comprehensive presentation and discussion session (presented by Chief Economist Dr. Azar Jammine) covering the current state of the economy, pertinent developments and an analysis of the future consequences of short and long-term economic trends on both international and domestic economic and corporate activities. Two delegates from each client company will be invited to one/four of the Quarterly Group Presentations during the course of the annual service agreement. Annual Budget Conference Attendance by up to four delegates at a conference held within days after the annual Budget Speech. A panel of top economists (including Dr. Azar Jammine), journalists and guest speakers will give a detailed analysis of the budget and its immediate and future impact on the economy, plus a comprehensive overview of the current and future trends of the domestic and international economies. Ad-hoc Consulting Ad-hoc telephone consulting with either Dr Jammine (EcoBulletin and Economics & Finance Weekly products) or any other top economist (all the other products), which may include discussions of current events and their potential impact on the South African economy. Econometrix also provides an e-mail query facility. Ad-hoc Data Selected economic data could also be provided on an ad-hoc basis. In-house presentation (additional cost) • An appropriately timed presentation to an audience consisting of staff from the client organisation, withdiscussions relating specifically to the client’s business, combined with an overview and forecast of the general economy. • A comprehensive presentation and discussion session to the subscriber’s clients, covering the current state of the economy, pertinent trends in both the international and domestic economic markets; this workshop/presentation will be held under the joint banner of the client and Econometrix

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