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E.ON Norway


Address: P.O. Box 640 Sentrum N-4003 Stavanger

Tel: +47 51 84 30 00

Web: www.eon-ruhrgas-norge.com

Company description

E.ON Ruhrgas Norge AS is an upstream company established in Stavanger, Norway in 2003. Since start the company has had a formidable growth. The license portfolio now includes 32 licenses of which 20% is operated and production has increased significantly over the same period. It has a 30% equity interest in the producing Njord oil and gas field offshore Mid-Norway and a 28% equity in the giant Skarv-Idun development. A major milestone was achieved last year with the completion of the Njord gas export project and commencement of gas export. Another achievement was the acquisition of a 28% interest in the Skarv-Idun fields. The company is aggressively stepping up its exploration program in Norway. Our approach is to explore with a long term perspective. We seek to gain a thorough understanding of regional geology and then set firm targets. In 2008 ERN participated in two exploration wells, both where discoveries located near the Njord Field. The company plans to participate in three exploration wells in 2009.


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