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Address: Rijnkade 1 (SHV building) 3511 LC Utrecht"

Tel: +31 30 2338 434

Web: www.dyas.nl

Company description

Dyas is a wholly owned subsidiary of the largest privately owned conglomerate in The Netherlands, SHV Holdings NV. and an active partner, as non operator, in oil and gas exploration, development and production joint ventures. The net United Kingdom & NL developed reserves are some 43 million boe and daily production is 24 thoUnited States of Americand boe, split 50/50 in oil and gas. The aim is to grow these production levels, by participating in auctions, focused strategic alliances and diversifying its reserves base outside the North Sea arena. Dyas is also a 23% shareholder of Delta Hydrocarbons and 10% shareholder in Capricorn.


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