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Dos Bocas Port


Tel: 01 933 333 5189

Web: http://www.puertodosbocas.com/

Company description

Dos Bocas Port is located about five kilometers north of the town of Paraiso in the State of Tabasco, Mexico, on the southern shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Puerto de Dos Bocas accounts for as much as 85% of Mexico’s oil production and imports equipment and machinery for oil exploration and development activities. Oil exports leave the Puerto de Dos Bocas for destinations that include the East Coast of the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and North Africa. Exports of tropical agricultural products go to the US’s East Coast, Eastern Europe, Canada, and the Middle East. The Puerto de Dos Bocas was constructed in 1979 and started operating in 1982. In 1982, new construction began, and the Puerto de Dos Bocas’ east and west piers were built, enlarging the port by 50%. In 1994, the Administración Portuaria Integral de Dos Bocas, S.A. de C.V. was established as the port authority for the Puerto de Dos Bocas. Its responsibilities included ensuring the continuity of oil exports, strengthening and enlarging port infrastructure, and opening the port for commercial activities beyond petroleum. The Puerto de Dos Bocas’s multi-purpose terminal began operating in 2005, and an Industrial Park was initiated. The Puerto de Dos Bocas contains 30 thoUnited States of Americand square meters of paved yards and one thoUnited States of Americand square meters of roofed areas. A 100 thoUnited States of Americand square meter shelter for equipment and products is being constructed. Puerto de Dos Bocas contains seven major specialized terminals in addition to the multi-purpose terminal. Pemex Oil has a supply terminal at the Puerto de Dos Bocas. Other terminals include the asphalt terminal, fuel supply terminal, and commercial and tourist terminal. There are also two terminals in the Puerto de Dos Bocas for manufacturing and maintenance of (1) vessels and (2) oil platforms.

Products and services

The Port of Dos Bocas it's been specialized in the call and reception of ships and the handling of a diverse type of cargo. Every day private companies develop and manage its cargo projects within the Multipurpose Terminal in a secure and safe business focused environment.With a poll of more than 45 port services vendors, specialized in handling weight and dimensions, Dos Bocas generates the confidence of which any required job will be carry out by certified private companies and also experienced to support the diversity of oil related industry operations.

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