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Dong E&P


Address: Agern alle 24-26 2970 Hørsholm

Tel: +45 99 55 11 11

Web: www.dongenergy.com

Company description

DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe. The business is based on procuring, producing, distributing and trading in energy and related products in Northern Europe. DONG Energy has around 7,000 employees and is headquartered in Denmark. The Group generated DKK 67 billion (EUR 9.0 billion) in revenue in 2012. The business unit DONG E&P explores for and produces oil and gas. At present activities are focused in Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom (West of Shetland area), the Faroe Island and Greenland. Together with the business unit Wind Power, E&P is a growth area within DONG Energy.

Products and services

Fields for exploration and production Exploration & Production explores for and produces oil and natural gas. The activities are focused on seas surrounding Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom (West of Shetland area), the Faroe Islands and Greenland. We produce from fields in Denmark and Norway. In order to maintain our reserves and production, we participate in licensing rounds in the areas where we operate. We also get access to reserves and production through acquisition. Solid growth in the production of oil and natural gas One of Exploration & Production’s targets is to create solid growth in the production of oil and natural gas. In practice, it means that we will put new fields in production every year until 2020. The development of the Danish Hejre field which will be put in production in the summer of 2015 is one of our largest projects. Due to our growth strategy, we expect to hire even more higly-specialised employees in order to achieve future targets. Safety and the environment are essential for all our activities We have high ambitious – also when it comes to safety and the environment. We do not compromise on the safety of our employees and the safety of the employees of our suppliers. It is a crucial factor for delivering the growth we have promised to deliver, and for running our business that nobody gets injured. Safety is a clear goal in everything we do. At the same time, we wish to minimise our impact on the environment through continuous focus on improvement and prevention in all our activities

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