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Dominion Gas Singapore


Address: Dominion Gas Asia Pacific,21 Tanjong Kling Road,Singapore 628047,Singapore

Tel: + 65 6663 7279

Web: www.dominion-gas.com

Company description

Dominion Gas is Scotland's only independent oilfield services company supplying the full range of diving, welding, industrial, laboratory, test and calibration gases and associated containment equipment from its HQ in Aberdeen. *A subsidiary of Dominion Gas, Argon Isotank, supplies liquid, cryogenic, chemical and acid tank products and services. See www.argon-isotank.com for more details. With facilities in the United Kingdom, Norway, Baku, Singapore, Ghana, and Australia, Dominion Gas and Argon Isotank distribute products and services across the oil and gas industry to a broad range of international clients operating across more than 24 different countries World-wide Dominion and its associated companies are proud of their reputation for providing high quality products and services that continue to set industry standards.

Products and services

customers and staff. The maintenance of our equipment is essential to retain the trust of our customers. All gas equipment meets the specifications, standards and design requirements for United Kingdom and worldwide transportation (including DNV Norge). Dominion uses CATS to manage all aspects of equipment integrity. Certification and testing requirements are programmed into the CATS system to ensure that testing is carried out when necessary and that no item is permitted to be used unless it is in test. Dominion Gas has stringent quality controls in place which are applied at the start of any process. We have an on site laboratory which is equipped with the latest analysers which ensure our operations conform to United KingdomAS standards. Dominion can supply high-pressure gas mixtures to customer order, including; Diving Gases - Helium breathing mixtures enable divers to work at greater depths for vital repair and construction associated within the international offshore oil industry Welding and Cutting Gases - Dominion Gas offers a wide range of welding gases to suit all applications and materials Scientific and Analytical Gases - Dominion Gas supplies a full range of scientific gases Speciality Gases - Dominion Gas manufactures and supplies a diverse range of pure and blended gases Liquid Gases - These products are classed as "bulk gases" and are distributed and stored in cryogenic tanks Chemicals - Dominion Gas can provide the following chemicals which can play a crucial role in diving applications ISO Tanks - We provide bulk offshore tank containers, equipment and service Portable Gas Transfill Systems

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