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Dolphin Geophysical – Singapore


Company description

Dolphin Geophysical is a global, full-range supplier of marine geophysical services. Dolphin operates a fleet of new generation, high capacity seismic vessels and offers contract seismic surveys, Multi-Client projects and processing services and software on a worldwide basis. The high capacity vessels deliver ultra-wide tow, deep tow and long offset configurations ideal for today’s frontier exploration needs, with full configuration flexibility to service any 2D, 3D, 4D or SHarp broadband requirements. In-house, Dolphin designs and develops global 2D, 3D and SHarp broadband marine Multi-Client surveys.   Dolphin offers onboard and onshore processing, from our centres in the UK and Singapore, with OpenCPS, the only seismic processing software package designed and developed in the 21st Century. Office Locations: Bergen Houston London Oslo Rio de Janerio Singapore

Dolphin Geophysical



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