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Dolphin Geophysical AS


Address: Dolphin Geophysical ASA 6th Floor, Solheimsgaten 13, 5058 Berge Norway

Tel: +47 55 38 75 00

Web: www.dolphingeo.com

Company description

Dolphin Geophysical operates a fleet of new generation, high capacity seismic vessels and offers contract seismic surveys, Multi-Client projects and processing services on a worldwide basis. Our expert management team, in which each member has over 15 years' experience in the industry, has a tremendous track record of building solid and reliable enterprises. As a technology driven company, our focus on safety, human resources and creativity will remain paramount at all times. Dolphin is now pre-qualified with many E&P companies and has already worked in most of the major exploration provinces across the World.

Products and services

Dolphin Geophysical's fleet of vessels includes the sister-ships, Polar DUnited Kingdome and Polar Duchess, which are two of the most powerful, fast and efficient seismic vessels in the world today and capable of towing up to 14 streamers at 100 metre separation. The fleet also includes the Artemis Arctic which has been upgraded to 8 streamers and a proven 2D ice-class vessel. In 2013 we will add the Sanco Swift and in 2014 Sanco Sword, which will move Dolphin further into the high-end 3D and 4D market.

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