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Demo 2000


Address: Postboks 2700 St. Hanshaugen 0131 Oslo Besøksadresse: Stensberggata 26

Tel: +47 22 03 70 00

Web: www.demo2000.no

Company description

DEMO 2000 is a technology program that is intended to qualify Norwegian technology primarily for use on the Norwegian continental shelf, and that can contribute to increased technology exports from Norway. The funding comes entirely from Petroleum and Energy. Appropriations from DEMO2000 to qualify / piloting new technologies that will help reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve performance on the Norwegian shelf. funds will help to enhance the private sector's own efforts to develop new technologies and to projects with high economic benefit.

Products and services

DEMO 2000 priority pilot installations in four main areas: • Energy efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies • Exploration and increased production • Cost effective drilling and intervention • Future technologies for production, processing and transport. DEMO 2000 has allotted around 250 different projects funds for nearly 750 million over the years the program has existed. In total it has sparked projects for more than 3 billion

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