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Address: Fabrikkveien 40, Plan 5, N-4323 Sandnes, Norway

Tel: +47 47 47 25 50

Web: http://www.cubility.com

Company description

Cubility AS is a Norwegian company developing and introducing the MudCube system to the oil and gas industry. With the introduction of the MudCube system, the treatment of drilling fluid can be implemented in a more effective and environmentally friendly way than today's traditional shale shakers. This technology contributes to improve the working environment and introduces significant cost savings for the drilling contractors and the customers. The founders of Cubility,Trond Melhus and Jan Kristian Vasshus, have both been involved for years with operation and development of drilling systems. They identified the potential for new technology related to fluid treatment in 2004. In 2008 a full commercialization phase started. In Q2 2009 the first system was placed at the Oseberg field (Statoil) on the Norwegian continental shelf for a full scale offshore test.

Products and services

The MudCube concept is a revolution in thinking and design of smart mud treatment systems.

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