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Cuadrilla Netherlands


Address: Cuadrilla Resources Nederland Stationsplein 91-105 5211 BM 's- Hertogenbosch Nederland

Company description

Cuadrilla Resources Ltd. is an independent British gas and oil company working on accessing shale gas in Europe. The company was founded in 2007, is headquartered in Lichfield, Staffordshire (Great Britain). Cuadrilla is a private company whose shares are held by the management team and two investors, AJ Lucas and Riverstone LLC. In the Netherlands, Cuadrilla Resources Ltd. has two subsidiaries: Cuadrilla Brabant BV (concession Noord-Brabant) and Cuadrilla Hardenberg BV (concession Northeast). The company has all the expertise and equipment necessary to conduct exploratory drilling and designed specialised rigs for accessing shale gas, the (DrillMec HH220),  All parts of this equipment are designed to European specifications and certified by competent European and US authorities. Cuadrilla Resources wishes to play a leading role in the environmentally considerate development of shale gas in the Netherlands.


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