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CTC Marine Projects Limited


Address: Level 2 33 Barrack Street Perth, 6000 Western Australia

Tel: +61 8 9218 8400

Web: http://www.ctc.tricomarine.com/index.php

Company description

Operating some of the world’s largest, most technically advanced fleet of marine trenching vehicles enables CTC Marine to complete workscopes ranging from trenching to a more comprehensive subsea protection service for the international offshore construction industry. CTC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Trico Marine Group, which is an integrated supplier of subsea marine support vessels and services. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company has a global presence with operations in the North Sea, West Africa, Mexico, Brazil, South West Asia and the Gulf of Mexico. CTC’s reach extends across the globe to server markets within: * Offshore Oil and Gas * Submarine Cables * Tecommunications * Electrical Power Transmission * Offshore Renewable Energy * Subsea Defence Systems

Products and services

any product, in any water depth, in any region of the world for offshore oil and gas, telecommunications, renewable power and military markets. CTC offers a comprehensive range of R&D, geotechnical analysis, project and offshore management and engineering solutions, which expand the whole life cycle of a field development from installation and trenching of product, to extending the life using seismic systems to final decommissioning. CTC Marine continues to invest in class-leading technology and operates a comprehensive fleet of pipeline and cable ploughs, jet trenching ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and mechanical trenchers, supported by five multi-role construction vessels. CTC’s management and operational team have a deep understanding of the Offshore Industry, regulations and expectations. To discover more information about our engineering capabilities please refer to the Our Capabilities section of the website.

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